Break Through Blockers
to Discover Unlimited Joy, Well-Being, and
Financial Prosperity That You Deserve


Your Unconscious Mind Holds the Secrets to Healing What Limits Your Fullest Expression

What's possible when you...

Allow your intuitive mind to guide your next steps?

Remove the invisible blockers that make bad decisions?

Eliminate mental fear?

Clear the blockers to receiving love?

We designed a four video home-study program for you to learn how to do this and more...

Read below to learn what you get in each session.


Session 1

Recognize Emotional Performance Limits  Before They Stop You

  • Discover what situations trigger Emotional Performance Limits.
  • Free yourself from past mistakes so you can be present to new life opportunities.
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Session 2

Tap Into the Power of Your Unconscious Mind to Heal Limited Thinking

  • Learn how to use body feelings to uncover and heal invisible success blockers
  • Recognize your emotional limit triggers so you are able to resist them and stay on track
  • Reframe past "failures" so you can radically elevate successful outcomes
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Session 3

Elevate Your Financial Performance Limit

  • Identify the amount of money that your unconscious mind has determined you will earn this year.
  • Learn how to elevate your Financial Performance Limit so it's easier to make more money.
  • Naturally increase your self-esteem so you attract more love and joy into your life.
  • Heal emotional hurts which limit your fulfillment using the Past Perception Revision Process.
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Session 4

Live Free of Emotional Limits

  • Prevent new Emotional Limits from forming.
  • Clear blockers that prevent you from loving and accepting yourself.
  • Learn the how your self-image impacts your goal achievement and what to do about it.
  • Let go of overwhelming comittments so you have the energy for the projects that will FULFILL you!
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Break through your Performance Limits!
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Clear Blockers with Essential Oils

In this bonus audio, learn how essential oils;

    - Help you clear blockers at an accelerated rate
    - Transform your well-being at a cellular level


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The Daily Success Journal

In just 10 minutes a day, reduce overwhelm.  You'll frame your intentions for the day and get your unconscious mind to help you get things done.

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Private Breakthrough Session

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Take charge of your life and gain clarity in this powerful 30- minute phone consultation.  Overcome overwhelm and remove the hidden challenges that sabotage.

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