At the School of Self Revolution


  • You’ll liberate your heart and mind from the burdens of negativity and blockers
  • You’ll restore access to the unlimited manifesting power of your unconscious mind
  • You’ll learn how to succeed with Objectives that ALIGN with your purpose

Become a magnet that attracts success and manifests your desires.

Have you tried other goal setting systems that haven’t worked for you?  Are you looking for a solution that empowers you with self knowledge?   Do you recognize the violent pressure forcing and saying to yourself “Just do it” puts on you?  You seek a permanent solution to be able to consistently achieve your day to day and long term objectives.

Get ready to retrain your brain to be a powerful tool of creation.

This is a scientifically proven approach that teaches you how to partner with the power of your unconscious mind’s manifesting abilities. 

As a licensed Cybernetic Transposition instructor with over 10 years of experience, Aryana Rollins will teach you how to resolve contradiction, clear mental fear, and self-doubt so you stay focused on your intentions and objectives. 

This method gives you a complete goal setting methodology AND self-healing.  If you’re ready to release the hidden blocks to success Aryana will teach you how to manifest magic and miracles in your life using your very own mind.


Aryana Rollins – (aka-Monique Gallagher) is a Licensed Instructor of Cybernetic Transposition (CT)


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